How to choose the best robot vacuum

How to Choose the Best Robot Vacuum for Your Home

It’s always a struggle to find the exact right fit in your home — not every vacuum works effectively in every space.

I hear you, I’ve had the same problem for years.

You took the plunge and committed to buying a fancy robot vacuum — the kind everyone gushes over on TV. And if you’re anything like me, you were probably daydreaming how you were never going to have to lift a finger to clean your floors again.

Looking back, I wish I knew all that I do now…BUT, at least I can pass my robot vacuum experience off to anyone who needs it.

robot vacuum cleaning between corners


Your little robot vacuum came with the glamorous guarantee that you’d be cleaning less and “living more!”

But sometimes it feels like it’s never going to get into those hard to reach places clean, or that you’re always picking up a trail of Hansel and Gretel style breadcrumbs left behind in your vacuum’s wake.

So, what gives? Why aren’t your floors pristine?


Nowadays robot vacuums come in almost every shape and size and perform all kinds of different tasks. Some still resemble overgrown hockey pucks and simply push dirt around from corner to corner. Others are a strange semi-circles. But no matter what shape it is, none of these bizarre puzzle pieces seem to fit in your home!

I’ve been there, and I quickly realized that not every robot vacuum is a perfect fit for every home.

The shape of your space can vary drastically. Some live in petite apartments, others are spacious ranch style houses. Just like people, homes come in every shape and size. It’s important to categorize your exact needs when picking out your robot vacuum.

Do you have more tile or carpet? Are your rooms lined wall to wall with heavy rugs? Lots of corners? Stairs? Be sure to pay attention to the make of your home before shopping!

Also, stop to consider if your robot vacuum can map the room, otherwise you might splurge on a vacuum that clips itself on the corners of your furniture while blindly wandering around your home. A few of my ill-made robot purchases were so clumsy that I had to wonder if they were cleaning under the influence.

But, here’s the thing: There is a simple fact we all have to come to terms with before we talk about anything else (it’s okay, this is a safe place), and that is…

You’re still going to have to roll out a traditional vacuum for a spot check every now and again.

Robot vacuum cleaning up animal hair.

There it is. Take it in. Acceptance is the hardest part, but we’re going to get through this together.

It’s true that when you choose the right robot vacuum that it takes a lot of the everyday remedial sweeping and mopping off your hands. But the harsh reality is, you’re going to need to keep a mop and hands-on vacuum handy around the house to finish the job. It just means you’ll go from sweeping the floor once a week to every other week instead — which is great!

(Sorry if you’ve been looking forward to tossing out your monster of a vacuum — the good news is, you can always upgrade to cordless options, no more tripping over those pesky cords).


If you’re in the market seeking a self sufficient, smart, and affordable robot vacuum, you’re in luck — they exist! There really are out there!

Let’s zero in on a checklist of everything essential you’ll need to look for in your robot vacuum:

  • Cleans multiple surfaces – Make sure your new little vacuum friend can clean both TILE and CARPET – you don’t want to take your new gadget out of the box to discover it gets stuck every time it tries to gross carpet or rugs.
  • HEPA air filters – Not every vacuum helps purify the air in your home while it cleans, and breathing in all of the dirt and dander can be harmful, especially if you have allergies.
  • Large dustbin storage – It’s annoying when your vacuum isn’t able to pick up as much debris because it’s full, and it’s just as annoying to have to empty it out every time. Storage is key! Plus, you don’t want it trailing everywhere.
  • Smart navigation – It sucks when your little robot clumsily bumps into your stuff or falls down your stairs and breaks. Take the hassle out of the equation and ensure you pick up a model that won’t leave scuffs on your walls.
  • Long battery life – The lamest thing is picking up your vacuum off the floor in the middle of the living room after it’s run out of juice. Put in some extra research to ensure your vacuum lasts over 100 minutes per charge.

Don’t be intimidated, I know this looks like a tall order, but I promise, the unicorn of robot vacuums exists, and I personally went through a handful of little vacuums before I found it.

The RolliBot Laser Eye has each and every bullet point we covered above plus a bag of chips. The Laser Eye is the smartest automatic little vacuum on the market for the most affordable price.

Equipped with the specially designed SLAM algorithm software which allows the Laser Eye to update itself after each cleaning cycle. This means this little guy uses localization to know where it’s already clean and mapping to memorize the layout of your home – perfect for homes with unique layouts. And it works on almost any floor, able to clean “carpet, hardwood, laminate flooring, linoleum, and ceramic tile.”

Built with sensitive inferred drop sensors, the Laser Eye detects stairs and is able to about-face and avoid any damaging falls. And with 3D mapping capabilities, it knows exactly when it’s best to use any of its different cleaning modes to get the job done effectively.

Pair with your favorite smartphone.

A neat perk that comes with owning one of these is that it pairs with your favorite smart device, whether it’s an Android or iOS, and comes with its very own phone app. Meaning you can issue your tiny robot commands with your thumb from the other room. Or schedule it to clean while you’re out of the house.

I could go on and on, but honestly, the RolliBot Laser Eye was game changer for my home. It surpassed my expectations and took all of the frustrations I felt and threw them out the window.

But don’t just take my word for it, check the Laser Eye out for yourself and let me know — I would love to hear other people’s experiences.

So, to get started finding the best robot vacuum for your home, make a list of features you can’t live without and start researching. Read up on some reviews and get users thoughts.

And remember, your perfect match is out there!

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