How to Get Your Kids to Clean Your House for You

getting kids to clean with Rollibot Vacuums

How to Get Your Kids to Clean Your House for You

Fun ways to get your kids to clean or help you clean the house.

One of the eternal questions for parents is how to get kids to clean the house. Usually, the answer is in three parts: 1) Make it fun  2) make it empowering and 3) give the finished task a sense of accomplishment for the child.

Follow Ernie as he gets Bert to clean!

If you seek a specific way to motivate your kids, use the Rollibot BL-800! Kids and pets both find the busy little Rollibot fascinating. Educate them on how Rollibot cleans thoroughly, using the robot vacuum cleaner. Since it also does mopping and light sterilization, itcompletely cleans and disinfects the floors.

Imagination and make believe often work wonders with younger children in teaching them responsibility. Make Rollibot, the robot vacuum a pet, teaching young ones how to clean up after Rollibot (cleaning the mop attachment and emptying the dust bin). They can make sure the automatic vacuum cleaner is in its “bed” (re-charger), and insure it has water in its tank.

Give them the controls after training them in the use of the sweeper. Let them set up Rollibot to go through its paces and let the kids be supervisors “to insure it does a complete job.” It also teaches them the difference in various types of floors and cleaning such as a tile floor cleaner and a hardwood floor vacuum.

In the meantime, make it a contest. Challenge the children to accomplish another task: pick up and do some floor cleaning, straighten up their room, wash dishes, feed the pets, pick up toys and things strewn about the house. See if they can accomplish their tasks before Rollibot finishes with its own rounds of the floor.

Jaimie from Millenial Moms also has some great tips!

Are you in the midst of the school year? Can the kids set Rollibot then get ready for school before the little sweeper has finished the kitchen? Have them schedule the bot to clean while they are at school and have them see if the dust bin has picked up items when they return from classes.

Yes, it is a simple thing, but the attention placed on the Rollibot can bear fruit in the child’s later treatment of the family pet, their notions of keeping their things and the house clean, developing healthy competition, and improving communications between you and the youngsters.

Amazing what a simple little sweeper may be able to accomplish in your home!

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