BL 800 - Getting Started

How Do I Start My Rolli Bot Vacuum

Press and hold the power switch at the right of the side of the robot for more then 3 seconds. In standby mode, press clean on the main body or on off on the remote control to start cleaning. Note: If the robot is in sleep mode, press clean on the main body or on off on the remote control to wake up the robot from sleep mode. Press again to have the robot start cleaning automatically.

Rollibot BL800 remote control diagram

Setting your RolliBot™ clock

To set the clock with the remote control: Press button number 7 To set the clock using the buttons beneath the vacuum display: Press the button beneath the display to select MENU. Choose SET CLOCK. Using the up and down arrows, follow the onscreen prompts to set the time and day.

Rollibot BL 800 User Manual Mopping Guide

Water Tank & Mop Use

Using Water Tank & Mopping attachment - RolliBot BL 800 If you use the water tank kit during cleaning, please check the water tank and its mopping cloth to make sure they are being used according to the illustration above. Pay Attention to well stick the mopping cloth, avoid friction between the cloth and wheel. Water tank kit can only be used on flat floors without any sharp objects. Please don’t clean carpet, wooden floors or dry only areas with...

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